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Business Rescue Specialists
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Hodgsons Chartered Accountants

Business Rescue Specialists Established in 1971, Hodgsons are one of the leading independent business rescue and personal insolvency specialists in England.


We work with you to find the most appropriate solution for your individual or company needs.

Spotting The Signs Of Crisis

Is your business financially secure?Can you spot a customer in trouble? The earlier a problem is identified the sooner remedial action can be taken.


Business Rescue

Company Voluntary Arrangements | Administration | Liquidation | Receivership

A company experiencing financial crisis will not always find itself the subject of insolvency proceedings - getting advice at an early stage can often result in a rescue . For many, however, insolvency is the harsh reality. more»

Dealing With Personal Debt

Individual Voluntary Arrangements | Bankruptcy

Millions are Britons are facing a debt crisis - and many struggle on too long before seeking the appropriate advice. Whether your problems arise through the collapse of your business, redundancy, bad debts or simply unforeseen circumstances, Hodgsons will be able to advise you. We have been dealing with all types of personal financial trouble since 1971. more»

HMRC Tax Arrears

Informal arrangements are available for with HMRC to allow time to pay for tax arrears of VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax. more>>

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