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Personal Debt

Britons owe record amounts on credit cards and unsecured loans. Many are finding difficulty in making ends meet. If you are facing financial difficulties (however severe), you are not alone - tens of thousands of people are in a similar situation and we can offer you help and free advice without the worry of being judged.

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Dealing with Personal Debt

The sooner you seek the appropriate advice, the sooner you can start working towards a debt free future

Many people continue to struggle with debt and their conscience far longer than they should. The solutions do sound drastic on first glance, but on further investigation, you will find they offer effective options to help deal with the stress of debt, and face it head on; something some find impossible to bear on their own.

Whether your problems arise through the collapse of your business, redundancy, bad debts or simply unforeseen circumstances, Hodgsons will be able to advise you. We have been dealing with all types of personal financial trouble since 1971.

As an individual, if you really can't pay your bills any more, there are several insolvency routes open to you. These options ultimately result in you being freed of the burden of debt, but only after at least some of it has been paid back to the people you owe.

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