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The Eagles saved from Extinction

Posted by Matthew Bannon - 21 Jun 2010

For those who have been following the battle for survival by Crystal Palace, it seems there is finally hope as the consortium trying to purchase the club, CPFC2010, agreed a buying price at the eleventh hour on their deadline date of 1st June.  And by 7th June – the deal was signed.

But the issue of Football Club Administrations keeps rearing it’s head and couldn’t be more relevant as football fever fills the nation during this year’s World Cup.

As a nation of avid football fans – our love for this sport and the Clubs who host it is like no other – they “Club” is considered family, and for family, most of us, would do anything.

So the question has to be asked, when a Club is threatened by Administration – what roles do / should the fans have?  Do they have a genuine right to  have a say in the future direction and lifeline of the Club?

In the case of Crystal Palace F.C they are due to vote on 25 June to agree or disagree whether the Club can enter into a CVA – Company Voluntary Arrangement.

In an interesting move some of the fans of the club will be able to vote at this meeting as they had prepaid for Season Tickets over the forthcoming seasons.

I personally think that this is a good strategy as the true fans of the club will get to have a say in what happens to the club going forward and may actually tip the vote in favour of the CVA.

With the controversy earlier this year with Manchester United’s F.C United and Red Knights, I wonder if it will be the fans who will be running the Clubs in the years to come?

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