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Hodgsons embrace social media

Posted by Jacqueline Cohen - 23 Mar 2010

In the olden days, we used to write letters to each other…..then we emailed, then we texted and now it seems we poke, upload, engage and tweet.

Recognising how social media can help us to help others, we’ve launched the Hodgsons twitter page and will use this as an additional form of communication with people out there in need of impartial advice on their situation.

You’ll also see on the right hand side of our blog space, that you can “engage” and contribute to twitter conversations all over the UK discussing debt and insolvency.

And to complete the package, we hope you’ll provide feedback and questions regarding our blog content as well as suggesting subjects you would like us to discuss through this platform.

Long gone are the days when Insolvency Practitioners and Chartered Accountants are sat in plain suits, with dull, monotone voices and straight faces.  It’s a new dawn for our sector and one in which we can evolve – bringing information to people who need it, sharing our expertise and building much stronger relationships with you – our clients.

The Hodgsons approach

Posted by Steven Wiseglass - 10 Mar 2010

A business may not be a person, but it’s built by people.  The ethics and standards it works towards are created by people.  Those who run it, beleive in it, evolve it and feel passionately loyal to it, are of course people. And those who fight for it’s survival or mourn it’s loss, are people.

In our line of business the average working day consists of serious conversations about businesses which are struggling to continue and the livelihoods which will be effected should such businesses come to a close.  What makes us different is our empathy and understanding that no matter how black and white the figures are, there has to be consideration made to the emotional element of this – the lives that will be effected.  It may not effect the outcome of the situation but it will effect the approach.

Through our blog, we’ll discuss issues arising in the press or case studies which may help illustrate certain debates around this subject matter more clearly.  We welcome your questions and hope that through this forum of communication, we can improve the understand people across the country have about the ways in which insolvency and corporate recovery can be acheived.

We would never underestimate the emotional strain and worry trying to save a business can cause and will assist you in every way we can.

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