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HARLOW TOWN F.C offered new lease of life as they enter into CVA

Posted by - 17 Sep 2009
As the football season is now under way, Harlow Town F.C bravely plays on despite the 10 point deduction as they officially enter into a CVA.
Harlow Town Football Club Limited officially enters into a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

Hodgsons Chartered Accountants confirm creditors will receive dividends

Harlow Town Football Club Limited officially entered into a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) on Thursday 17 September 2009, appointing David Mond of Hodgsons Chartered Accountants as the Supervisor.
  • Despite the grey day, Mond advises this is not a sad day but one which offers a new lease of life to a Club which is clearly loved by it’s town and loyal fans.  Mond comments,
  • “Harlow Town F.C has done what was necessary to give the Club a chance to re-emerge and try and rebuild itself in a more stable, financial position with the support of the town.”
With creditors approving the CVA, the petition issued by HMRC will now be dropped and Hodgsons confirm that creditors will receive a dividend on their claims as long as the Club complies with the terms of the CVA.
According to the league rules Harlow F.C should receive a 10 points deduction and will need the support of the community to ensure the clubs survival.
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