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Services For Advisors

Many businesses find themselves in trouble. Sadly, most will not talk to their professional advisors until it is almost too late to think about a rescue - so you may well be called on to advise on insolvency.

Helping to keep your client in business

We believe that your clients should seek advice as early as possible. When working with other professional advisors, we remember the client is yours and work with you to find the best solution - in many cases leading to a profitable, continuing relationship for you.

How can Hodgsons help you?

Our first consultation is free, always confidential and without obligation, so there's no reason not to speak to us as early as you can. The initial meetings enable your client to understand the options available and to meet the people who will be handling the project. Hodgsons can then do any of several things for you and your client:-

Solvency Test

A rapid appraisal of a business. This test identifies the extent of the realisable assets to liabilities, actual and contingent, and provides an objective, independent report on the client's options.

Viability Review

The viability review identifies the businesss's financial requirements and any attendant problems, examining the entire business strategy and future prospects. A detailed report contains all the findings and makes alternative suggestions where appropriate.

Reorganisation or Capital Restructuring

Erosion of positive balance sheet worth, current or projected cash shortages and severe creditor pressure are all symptoms of weakness, often wrongly assumed to be terminal. Hodgsons works with many financial institutions and can co-ordinate business reorganisation and capital restructuring in the most apparently hopeless circumstances.


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